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MacroExpressions provides consulting services in the two areas complementing our products, Unimal and C-SLang. Please, scroll down or click on an entry of the Table of Contents on the left to go to the point of your interest.

If you are interested in an on-site training session, please send you inquiry.

Services related to Unimal ( Contents)

If you have a compile-time initialization and/or project management algorithm in mind but experience difficulties implementing it in Unimal, we are here to help you.

If you have Unimal code meeting your immediate needs and would like help in wrapping it in highly reusable macros, we will gladly assist you.

Should you find Unimal too restrictive for your project, we are willing to consider customizing Unimal for you or even include the necessary extensions in the next version of Unimal.

Some problems that Unimal can solve may also be solved using high-end macroassemblers (but, oddly enough, not the high-level languages). An involved example of such a perverted use of a generic macroassembler was (supposed to be) the topic of Class #347 at Embedded Systems Conference West 2000 in San Jose, CA. The paper and the handouts are available for download here. We can do custom applications of this sort for your environment.

Services related to C-SLang ( Contents)

If you'd rather outsource all that C-SLang coding, we happily will do custom C-SLang code for you.

We can help you in providing the necessary API for C-SLang in your application, such as virtual inputs and outputs.

If your application requires extending the C-SLang instruction set to enhance functionality, or if it requires reducing the instruction set to minimize the footprint of the virtual machine, or if it requires changing the sizes of C-SLang virtual registers or any of the address spaces ? we can customize C-SLang to meet your needs.